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In 2019, the Ukraine organizes a National Head Down Record. This means that as many free flyers as possible dive head down at the same time. The existing world record is with 164 people at the same time. [Read More]

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22 September 2023
Focus Day: A Bullseye of Productivity!
September 22 2023 was a day of precision, concentration, and strategic thinking that left a lasting impact on our team dynamics. Our day started with an adrenaline-pumping session of skeet shooting. As we aimed for the flying clay targets, we not only honed our shooting skills but also learned valuable lessons about concentration and staying focused under pressure. Following we gathered for an insightful lecture on maintaining focus in the workplace. Renowned speaker Mark Tigchelaar shared practical tips and strategies to navigate distractions, enhance productivity, and achieve optimal concentration. The day concluded with a friendly yet strategic game of Barricade, a French board game that requires careful planning and concentration. As we navigated through the twists and turns of the game, we discovered the power of strategic thinking and the importance of staying focused even in the midst of competition.
24 March 2023
Exploring the Heart of China: A Memorable Team Day
We recently took a cultural plunge into the heart of China with a Team Day inspired by our wonderful Chinese colleagues. Our day kicked off with a mouthwatering Chinese lunch, courtesy of our colleagues. Next, we embraced the world of Tai Chi in a workshop that not only got us moving but also instilled a sense of balance and mindfulness. It was a journey into the serene practice beloved by the Chinese. We continued our cultural immersion at the Ni Hao restaurant, where award-winning dishes were accompanied by a thought-provoking lecture on the philosophy ingrained in Chinese culture. The day concluded with a lively karaoke session, where we sang our hearts out.
02 September 2022
I'M PN DAYS: Colourful Diversity
In today's globalized world, diverse teams have become the norm in many organizations. Recognizing the value of diversity and fostering a sense of unity among team members is essential for building a strong and collaborative work environment. We explored art, expressed our creativity, and enjoyed friendly competition, creating lasting memories that continue to inspire us in our workplace. Our journey began at a local museum, with a gallery showcasing the works of a talented local painter. After being inspired by the artworks, we set out to express our own creativity. Guided by professional artists, we embarked on a painting session that allowed us to unleash our inner artists. The final masterpiece now hangs prominently in our office, symbolizing our shared experiences and the unique talents we bring to the table.
25 March 2022
I'M PN DAYS: (De)fence
(DE)FENCE, was the theme during the PN Days March 2022. We had a fun day full of defensing ourselves and the company! A workshop fencing was a great way to connect with each other and to check who had the best (fencing) skills. Also we learned from an ethical hacker what we can do to protect ourselves and the company against online threats. After a day of learning, we ended the day with a shared dining served in our office. Thankyou team for the contribution!
03 September 2021
I'M PN Days September 2021
Our Partners Network team works hard to create opportunities and to distribute our food products around the world. During PN Days, we like to learn, share and have fun. This year, our team has shared during interesting presentations. We enjoyed a health and breathing class from Probreathing and got to explore our region with different modes of transport afterwards. We travelled by bike and in old cars that are often referred to as ‘tin snail’ in English, or ‘ugly duckling’ in Dutch. We created memories and got to go over them during a well-deserved meal that finished off the day. Thank you team, for keeping us on top of the wave!
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Skydiving Head Down Record - Vertical Formation
WILL THEY MAKE IT? After all this practice the moment is finally there: the record attempt! All those hours now have to pay off in only a few minutes in the sky and even shorter in free-fall.
04 - 05 September 2020
On Top Of The Wave
Thriving and being on top of the wave is what we at Partners Network are good at. To stay inspired, to look back, and most importantly look forward, last week PN days theme were about navigating unknown waters. With Laura Dekker motivating our team to take on challenges, we found inspiration to keep sailing through storms. Interesting presentations and inspiring experiences were the perfect cherry on top of the program!
16 April 2020
We Feed The World
Together we were feeding the world and yes, together we will be feeding the world! We appreciate the hard work and efforts of our team and partners, who are always ready to distribute food products to different customers in the world. Thank you team and partners for your dedication!
21-22 September 2019
Dam tot Damloop
In September the time is there: another edition of the Dutch Dam tot Damloop! This 16.1km (10 English miles) track leads the runners from the Dutch city of Zaandam to Amsterdam. This race has already been organized since 1985, then started on initiative of Mr. Le Champion. Nowadays, 55.000 runners make their way from one Dam to the other, cheered on by over 250.000 people. And every year a team of Partners Network participates in this event! Weeks of training eventually result in the glorious feeling of crossing the finish in Amsterdam.
17-21 August 2019
Final pre-record skydiving camp
A last round of practice. Make sure that all skydivers can perform the necessary actions to perfection. When they are up in the sky, they all have to rely on each other, so only the best can participate.
8-11 August 2019
Preparation for National Head Down Record 2019 "Art-fly"
Another wind tunnel camp allows for even more practice. Remaining in a head-down position during the free-fall requires highly specific skills. To be able to determine the position of your body when soaring through the sky means knowing your body very well and have the perfect techniques to be able to be stable in any position you prefer.
18-21 July 2019
Coached flights and preparation for Skydiving Head Down Record 2019
Because practice makes perfect... During the record attempt the skydivers have to jump from the plain, move towards each other, hold hands whilst all falling head down, disperse again and then open there parachutes. And all of that in only 30 seconds...
12-14 July 2019
Skydiving certification jumps
ALL THAT REQUIRES TITANIC EFFORTS TO SUCCEED! In order to be allowed to participate in this record attempt, a Maxim has to be licensed. During the year, several training camps are organized in which the skydivers participate, gathering points. Your end-score determines whether you are allowed to be in the main record group or you will be placed in the reserve one.
21-23 June 2019
Pre-record skydiving camp
All skydivers who want to participate in the record attempt, have to take part in the pre-record skydive camps. Not only do these allow for more practice hours, but during this camps the skill of the skydivers is also judged.
15-16 June 2019
Skydiving certification jumps for licences C & D
The final preparations to become a fully licensed skydiver. Almost ready for the record attempt!
13-14 June 2019
Wind tunnel camp "Art-fly"
As jumping from an airplane is time consuming and expensive, windtunnels allow for an easier way to practice. During the Art-fly windtunnel camp, coaches guide the skydivers in how to technically perform a head-down jump.
1-2 June 2019
Skydive certification preparation for licence D
But why stop at license C? During this camp, Maxim will become eligible for license D. At least 500 jumps and at least 3 hours of freefall time. That is a true professional!
25 May 2019
De Nunspeetse Kelier
The 'Nunspeetse Keiler' is the biggest sportsevent of the North part of the Veluwe, an area in the middle of the Netherlands. A team of Partners Network will participate in the 24th edition. During intensive running, biking and a wide variety of agility tests, the team needs to work together to finish and become the best of 2019!
18-19 May 2019
Skydive certification preparation for licence C
No success without training! During this preparatory camp, Maxim Karpenko receives guidance to become eliglbe for the licenses C. This means he will have done at least 200 jumps and spend at least 60 minutes in freefall in his skydiving career. Taking into account that a freefall during a single jump takes maximum 30 seconds, this shows the effort it takes to get certified.
3-4 May 2019
Partners Network Days
Three times a year our hard-working time comes together to enjoy each other’s company and learn from one another’s experiences. What better way to do this and to break the intensive knowledge session than by go out and do something active? During past weekends the team has already proven to have a talent for wheelchair basketball, bubble soccer and the traditional Dutch game of ‘kaatsen’. What sporty challenge will the next PN days bring us?