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Mention the word “bucket list” to anybody and 9 times out of 10 you will hear a skydive mentioned. For others, we conjure up images of adrenaline junkies, daredevil type people with a penchant for danger.

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02 September 2022
Colourful Diversity
In today's globalized world, diverse teams have become the norm in many organizations. Recognizing the value of diversity and fostering a sense of unity among team members is essential for building a strong and collaborative work environment. We explored art, expressed our creativity, and enjoyed friendly competition, creating lasting memories that continue to inspire us in our workplace. Our journey began at a local museum, with a gallery showcasing the works of a talented local painter. After being inspired by the artworks, we set out to express our own creativity. Guided by professional artists, we embarked on a painting session that allowed us to unleash our inner artists. The final masterpiece now hangs prominently in our office, symbolizing our shared experiences and the unique talents we bring to the table.
25 March 2022
I'M PN DAYS: (De)fence
(DE)FENCE, was the theme during the PN Days March 2022. We had a fun day full of defensing ourselves and the company! A workshop fencing was a great way to connect with each other and to check who had the best (fencing) skills. Also we learned from an ethical hacker what we can do to protect ourselves and the company against online threats. After a day of learning, we ended the day with a shared dining served in our office. Thankyou team for the contribution!
03 September 2021
I'M PN Days September 2021
Our Partners Network team works hard to create opportunities and to distribute our food products around the world. During PN Days, we like to learn, share and have fun. This year, our team has shared during interesting presentations. We enjoyed a health and breathing class from Probreathing and got to explore our region with different modes of transport afterwards. We travelled by bike and in old cars that are often referred to as ‘tin snail’ in English, or ‘ugly duckling’ in Dutch. We created memories and got to go over them during a well-deserved meal that finished off the day. Thank you team, for keeping us on top of the wave!
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