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high with Maxim Karpenko

Mention the word “bucket list” to anybody and 9 times out of 10 you will hear a skydive mentioned. For others, we conjure up images of adrenaline junkies, daredevil type people with a penchant for danger.

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Skydiving Head Down Record - Vertical Formation
WILL THEY MAKE IT? After all this practice the moment is finally there: the record attempt! All those hours now have to pay off in only a few minutes in the sky and even shorter in free-fall.
04 - 05 September 2020
On Top Of The Wave
Thriving and being on top of the wave is what we at Partners Network are good at. To stay inspired, to look back, and most importantly look forward, last week PN days theme were about navigating unknown waters. With Laura Dekker motivating our team to take on challenges, we found inspiration to keep sailing through storms. Interesting presentations and inspiring experiences were the perfect cherry on top of the program!
16 April 2020
We Feed The World
Together we were feeding the world and yes, together we will be feeding the world! We appreciate the hard work and efforts of our team and partners, who are always ready to distribute food products to different customers in the world. Thank you team and partners for your dedication!
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