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Mention the word “bucket list” to anybody and 9 times out of 10 you will hear a skydive mentioned. For others, we conjure up images of adrenaline junkies, daredevil type people with a penchant for danger.

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22 September 2023
Focus Day: A Bullseye of Productivity!
September 22 2023 was a day of precision, concentration, and strategic thinking that left a lasting impact on our team dynamics. Our day started with an adrenaline-pumping session of skeet shooting. As we aimed for the flying clay targets, we not only honed our shooting skills but also learned valuable lessons about concentration and staying focused under pressure. Following we gathered for an insightful lecture on maintaining focus in the workplace. Renowned speaker Mark Tigchelaar shared practical tips and strategies to navigate distractions, enhance productivity, and achieve optimal concentration. The day concluded with a friendly yet strategic game of Barricade, a French board game that requires careful planning and concentration. As we navigated through the twists and turns of the game, we discovered the power of strategic thinking and the importance of staying focused even in the midst of competition.
24 March 2023
Exploring the Heart of China: A Memorable Team Day
We recently took a cultural plunge into the heart of China with a Team Day inspired by our wonderful Chinese colleagues. Our day kicked off with a mouthwatering Chinese lunch, courtesy of our colleagues. Next, we embraced the world of Tai Chi in a workshop that not only got us moving but also instilled a sense of balance and mindfulness. It was a journey into the serene practice beloved by the Chinese. We continued our cultural immersion at the Ni Hao restaurant, where award-winning dishes were accompanied by a thought-provoking lecture on the philosophy ingrained in Chinese culture. The day concluded with a lively karaoke session, where we sang our hearts out.
02 September 2022
I'M PN DAYS: Colourful Diversity
In today's globalized world, diverse teams have become the norm in many organizations. Recognizing the value of diversity and fostering a sense of unity among team members is essential for building a strong and collaborative work environment. We explored art, expressed our creativity, and enjoyed friendly competition, creating lasting memories that continue to inspire us in our workplace. Our journey began at a local museum, with a gallery showcasing the works of a talented local painter. After being inspired by the artworks, we set out to express our own creativity. Guided by professional artists, we embarked on a painting session that allowed us to unleash our inner artists. The final masterpiece now hangs prominently in our office, symbolizing our shared experiences and the unique talents we bring to the table.
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