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Partners Network is flying
high with Maxim Karpenko

Mention the word “bucket list” to anybody and 9 times out of 10 you will hear a skydive mentioned. For others, we conjure up images of adrenaline junkies, daredevil type people with a penchant for danger.

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Skydiving Head Down Record - Vertical Formation
WILL THEY MAKE IT? After all this practice the moment is finally there: the record attempt! All those hours now have to pay off in only a few minutes in the sky and even shorter in free-fall.
21-22 September 2019
Dam tot Damloop
In September the time is there: another edition of the Dutch Dam tot Damloop! This 16.1km (10 English miles) track leads the runners from the Dutch city of Zaandam to Amsterdam. This race has already been organized since 1985, then started on initiative of Mr. Le Champion. Nowadays, 55.000 runners make their way from one Dam to the other, cheered on by over 250.000 people. And every year a team of Partners Network participates in this event! Weeks of training eventually result in the glorious feeling of crossing the finish in Amsterdam.
17-21 August 2019
Final pre-record skydiving camp
A last round of practice. Make sure that all skydivers can perform the necessary actions to perfection. When they are up in the sky, they all have to rely on each other, so only the best can participate.
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